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Bautista Method Academy

Age Reversal Facelift In Person

Live Workshop 90 minutes

FREE (for now) $597 Value FREE

During this event, you'll learn a unique, proprietary, and revolutionary, 10 minute process that you can do, live in studio to potentially Take TEN YEARS off your appearance...

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Take A Breather Workshop 

Online Workshop 60 minutes

FREE (for now) $597 Value FREE

This Workshop explores one of the most important things we can do to remain calm and centered in these challenging times. Breathing. Taking a full and natural breath is what we shall be focusing on.

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Online Age Reversal Facelift

On Line Workshop 90 minutes

FREE (for now) $597 Value FREE

You will learn through cyber space a proprietary and revolutionary, 10 minute process that you can do easily in the comfort of your home to potentially Take TEN YEARS off your appearance.

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Master the Art of Healing Touch

Rekindle & Energize 

Your Healing Practice

Awaken the Power of Touch through a Simple yet Profound Exercise. This Allows You to Recognize You Have Always had your Innate Ability to be IN TOUCH. Imagine the Boost to Your Healing Practice, IN TOUCH Skills that Energize, Encourage and Empower Your Clients to Keep Coming Back for More.

  Reconnect & Embody Your In Touch Skills

Activate Your IN TOUCH Reconnection to Revitalize Romance, Strengthen Bonds with Family & Friends, and Reconnect to Your Passion. Being Reconnected with Your Passion, Enables You to Generate       Financial Freedom.

Rejuvenate & Empower Services for Your Client

With Your Expanded Sense of IN TOUCH Reconnection, You are able to Rejuvenate the Skills and Tools to Explore Your Passion and Share it with the World. In a way that is Clear, Embodied and Heartfelt.


Become A Better Healer 

The innate and abiding warmth of an understanding touch is something we all crave. Being in touch and freely communicating is quintessentially Human. We touch each other when there is a wedding. We touch in a different way when it is a funeral. Needless to say the way we touch makes us human in all the right ways.  

I am, Julie Bautista LMP. Through my lifelong career as a massage practitioner I have had the luxury and privilege of discovering a unique approach to bodywork, massage, emotional growth, mental release, and generally what makes us tick, in our daily lives. I'd like to invite you to have a look around. I am on the hunt for those of you who have an exquisite sense of touch. For those rare few, I am offering to personally train you in the Bautista Method at World Class level. This puts you in command and in high demand of your healing profession .

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What Our Clients Say

"I recommend Julie & see her for sports massage..."

I really enjoyed the skillful touch and pleasant positive healing energy of Julie. She did especially great work on my lower back and neck. My body gets more out of a session with Julie than with other massage specialists, for sure. She uses her skills tactfully and with deep nuance. My body enjoys her work. I recommend Julie and see her weekly for sports massage/ deep tissue work. Two thumbs 

Kevin S- Forester, Realtor

"Julie is a super intuitive person..." 

"... and has an amazing ability to feel and heal your body. At first I didn't know what my intentions were for my body during our session and I described some pain in my neck and shoulders, and I literally gasped when she said she could feel where I was out of balance in my head, and she described exactly where the pain was in my back. Since then I've felt little to no tension that I'd usually carry in my shoulders and my head. Julie has exactly what you need, even if you don't know it!

Abby T - Bakery Chef

"Julie is the best massage practitioner who has ever worked on me, period."

"The first time she took hold of my neck, I could feel her hands and my neck muscles talking to each. Her ability to find and release blocked muscle/nerve points is truly amazing. She has studied so many difference aspects of the skeleto-muscular system, from the eastern notion of the wind that flows in your body, to the western science of biochemical reactions in the fascia that surrounds your muscle, to a detailed, precise understanding of the interconnectedness of your entire body. She's taken all of this and much, much more and fused it into a massage technique that must be experienced to be believed. I've had some excellent massages from other LMTs along the way, but Julie leaves them in the dust. If you have any opportunity to get a massage f rom her, take it. You'll thank me later.

Geoff M - Writer, Producer 

Let's Bring Your Dream to Life

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with us. Together we will assess Your Mission Critical Moves and Discover How Best We can be of Service to You. Whether we accept you into our World Class Course or not you will have a Road Map for Your Future Success. 

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