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It's Your Time to Shine.

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Who Can Benefit From The Bautista Method?


The Bautista Method:  World Class InTouch Skills

Welcome to the Bautista Method, where each person is given the time to experience relaxation and quiet. Julie Bautista is the CEO and Founder has developed the Bautista Method over a number of decades. Her approach to health and wellness allows your body to unwind gently and as naturally as breathing. You can then emerge back into the world calm and invigorated.

The Bautista Method is looking for healers, professionals and others interested in their personal health and wellness to join the workshops, membership and on going training to bring your practice to new levels with certification courses and licensing available.  

Julie Bautista LMP has over four decades of international acclaim in her massage practice and health and wellness treatments. Her unique approach will guide you to discover the Power of Touch that resides within you. The calm, relaxation, stress relief that you begin to unpack will give you the edge in all of your professional healing arenas. The wisdom of healing and release, the Bautista Method imparts, ranges from the best relaxation massage to the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Come to my studio to experience some of the finest treatments and teaching available in the Seattle area. The Bautista Method also delivers workshop and training on line. Come learn about your Gift of Healing.


Professional Tools of the Trade Above Industry Standards

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At The Bautista Method Academy we train you to create and care for the finest tools of the trade. We also focus on things that other Health and Wellness Academys may not, that is to set you up for success, with all of the tools you will need. To function both online and in person in a highly presentable way that keeps new clients knocking on your door because you have become a hot commodity.


Bautista Method Certification Courses and Bautista Method Academy License

One Year Ongoing Professional Health Training

The Training is World Class and will unfold and grow to suit your needs.

Corporate Wellness Programs and Your Business

The Bautista Method has an in built training ground where novices of the Method begin training in the field with corporate offices. 

Prepare to Get Your Business Growing

Once Certified and or Licensed in the Bautista Method. We hold your hand as you build your brick and mortar business AND/OR your online business.

Let's Bring Your Dream to Life

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with us. Together we will assess Your Mission Critical Moves and Discover How Best We can be of Service to You. Whether we accept you into our World Class Course or not you will have a Road Map for Your Future Success. 

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